43 500 FCFA
34 800 FCFA

This is a good pre-owned/refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab S T707A 8.4", Gray, Grade B, from the United States. It's unlocked and will work with all GSM networks in Cameroon. Learn more about this phone in the Product Description's section below. 

Accessories (charger, cable, headphones, etc.) are sold separately and none is included.

Grade A: In excellent or very good cosmetic conditions, this is the highest quality possible pre-owned product grade, fully functional, and can reasonably be considered as new or similar. Some Grade A items may have minor cosmetic marks or light scratches, or shiny areas from use. 
Grade B: In good cosmetic conditions, this pre-owned product will have noticeable marks and scratches visible to the user, including shiny surfaces. They are products with signs of previous use, but fully functional.  
Grade C: In acceptable physical conditions, this pre-owned product will have heavy marks/scratches/dents due to previous use, but fully functional. It may have cracks, obvious burns, dots or lines on the screen or body. Perfect for people not concerned with cosmetic conditions.